AMULET at Cardiology Innovations Days

The AMULET project was honoured with a presentation at the prestigious Cardiology Innovations Days – Heart Failure optimism 2019 conference, which was chaired by the President of the Polish Scientific Society, prof. dr hab. med. Piotr Ponikowski on 14-15 May  2019 in Wrocław, Poland.

“It was an excellent opportunity to present the assumptions and preliminary results of our project to eminent cardiological authorities from all over Europe” – says ppłk dr hab. med. Paweł Krzesiński. – “All observers agree that the AMULET project addresses the very topical problem of inadequate outpatient care for patients with heart failure.”

The discussion presented the results of the pilot phase, highlighting not only the observable clinical improvement in patients, but also the significant number of treatment changes based on haemodynamic measurements. Indeed, nearly half of the patients required treatment optimisation within 30 days of discharge, mainly based on the results of advanced cardioimpedance assessment.