Another AMULET project milestone completed!

Patient recruitment for the multicentre, prospective, randomised clinical trial conducted under task 3 of the AMULET project has finished. The study is performed by medical consortia of: Military Institute of Medicine, Medical University of Gdańsk, Wroclaw Medical University, 4th Military Clinical Hospital in Wrocław, and specialists from the collaborating centres: two clinics of the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk, 5th Military Clinical Hospital in Kraków, Tomaszów Health Centre from Tomaszów Mazowiecki and three specialist clinics: Sopot Medical Centre SOPMED, Wrocław Cardiology Centre Pro Corde and Warsaw NZOZ SANA. IT support is provided by the Military University of Technology. More than 600 patients were included in the study.

According to the project concept, half of the recruited participants are cared for in AMULET-organised outpatient facilities. These sites are run by qualified nursing staff and patient outcomes are assessed remotely by cardiologists monitoring the visits. The primary objective of the study, evaluated over a 12-month follow-up period, is to assess the impact of the AMULET concept intervention on the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalisation for heart failure exacerbation.

Detailed information is available on request on the WIM website: