The new AMULET project partners have started work!

We are pleased to announce that upon the approval of the National Centre for Research and Development, New Partners: Research Network Łukasiewicz – Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment and the casusBTL Group Sp. z o.o., have joined the scientific consortium implementing the AMULET project. For several weeks, they have been carrying out intensive research and development work which will result in the AMULET project providing even more comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of future beneficiaries of the new care system.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Medical Technology and Equipment (ŁUKASIEWICZ-ITAM)

ŁUKASIEWICZ-ITAM is an institute based in Zabrze, whose statutory activity includes conducting research, development and implementation in the field of medical technology. The institute has an over 40-year tradition in its activities, and its scientific and research work relies on qualified staff with many years of experience, and on its material resources. ŁUKASIEWICZ-ITAM is a unique R&D unit on a national scale in the field of medical technology, whose activities cover all phases of the innovation process. ŁUKASIEWICZ-ITAM's entry into the AMULET consortium will make it possible to manufacture a mobile device for recording home measurements by impedance cardiography with the possibility of data transmission using a GSM module and various software versions tailored to the use of miniaturised cardioimpedance recorders in various clinical conditions, including patents on bioimpedance signal processing using a bioimpedance signal acquisition module.


Grupa casusBTL Sp. z o.o.

The entry of Grupa casusBTL Sp. z o.o. strengthens the potential of the AMULET consortium to prepare for the implementation of the project results. Grupa casusBTL will play a leading role in promoting the AMULET concept in Poland and abroad, cooperating with stakeholders interested in the project outcomes, including potential investors, and developing a strategy for implementing the project deliverables. Grupa casusBTL brings together specialists with a broad knowledge of law, medicine, technology, marketing and public relations and has many years of experience in the organisation of conferences, congresses, workshops, training courses and hackathons. It actively promotes the use of new, innovative technologies in medical communications and the treatment of diseases of civilisation. Grupa casusBTL offers knowledge transfer coordination, providing contact with the world of technology and investors (business angels and venture capital funds), and national and international experts. Experts employed by Grupa casusBTL the coordinate formal, legal and organisational processes of creating new entities whose task is to introduce new solutions to the market and deploy them. Lasting collaboration with the medical community ensures ongoing validation of concepts based on guidelines and new therapeutic options.

We are convinced that the collaboration with such eminent partners is the next step towards the success of the AMULET project!