Description of the randomised, prospective clinical trial methodology

We are pleased to announce that a paper describing the methodology (study design) of the multicentre, randomised, prospective clinical trial conducted under task 3 of the AMULET project has been published in the renowned journal ESC Heart Failure (IF 3.902). It presents the concept of ambulatory care according to the AMULET model. The principles of therapeutic decision-making based on the decision support module and collaboration between nursing staff and the doctor supervising remote visits are presented in detail.

Comment from the Principal Researcher płk. dr. hab. n. med. Paweł Krzesiński: I consider the publication of the “AMULET study design” in the renowned journal ESC Heart Failure as a great honour and proof of interest in the AMULET project.

Readers around the world have the chance to familiarise themselves with our concept, learning about the details of the methodology and the relevant grounds for creating such a model of telecare. In the near future, we will be able to report the results of this study, indicating whether and what benefits there may be for patients who have received the AMULET intervention. The full text of the publication is freely available on the ESC Heart Failure website:

Congratulations to the authors and to everyone involved in this study!

Krzesiński P, Siebert J, Jankowska EA, Banasiak W, Piotrowicz K, Stańczyk A, Galas A, Walczak A, Murawski P, Chrom P, Gutknecht P, Siwołowski P, Ponikowski P, Gielerak G. Rationale and design of the AMULET study: A new Model of telemedical care in patients with heart failure. ESC Heart Fail. 2021 Apr 22. doi: 10.1002/ehf2.13330.