Another publication in the AMULET project - non-invasive telemonitoring at home

We are pleased to announce that the work of the AMULET team on the possibility of using non-invasive bioimpedance methods in monitoring a patient with heart failure at home has been published in the renowned journal JMiR mHealth and uHealth (IF 4.31).

Comment of the Chief Investigator, Col. dr. hab. Paweł Krzesiński, MD: Admission of our work to the renowned journal JMiR mHealth and uHealth is the first step towards the interest of the cardiological community in the concept of monitoring patients with heart failure using a mobile device produced in the AMULET project. Against the background of international literature, we had the opportunity to present a home care model (Figure below), in which telemonitoring of the chest hydration status using cardioimpedance, in the context of reported symptoms and other vital signs, can be used to optimize care and prevent exacerbations of heart failure.

Congratulations to the Authors!

Krzesinski P, Sobotnicki A, Gacek A, Siebert J, Walczak A, Murawski P, Gielerak G. Noninvasive Bioimpedance Methods From the Viewpoint of Remote Monitoring in Heart Failure. JMIR Mhealth Uhealth. 2021 May 5; 9 (5): e25937. doi: 10.2196 / 25937