Sharing experiences from the AMULET project at the conference on “Telemedicine in comprehensive care for patients with heart failure”

On December 1, 2019, the conference on “Telemedicine in comprehensive care of patients with heart failure – Opportunities and Challenges”, which covered lectures and panel discussions with experts from Poland, Germany and the USA, was held.

The telecare model being developed under the AMULET project was presented by ppłk. dr. hab. Paweł Krzesiński in the session “Telemedicine in heart failure – state of art 2019”, as an example of good domestic experiences with the use of telemedicine in the outpatient care of patients after an exacerbation of heart failure.

The WIM representative also took part in a panel discussion on the role of telemedicine in the long-term care programme for patients with heart failure, at which the opportunities offered by telemedicine, but also the challenges associated with its implementation were discussed. The importance of promoting knowledge about the advantages of telemedicine, the need to continue further research in this field and activities aimed at integrating the existing procedures into a complex system of care were emphasised.